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August 23rd, 2007 News none Comments


With the arrival of Alessandro Lucarelli the defensive-problems of Mr. Gasperini for the opening-match against Milan are solved, but now the problems are in the offensive part of the team. This afternoon central forward Marco Borriello got injured during the training. The player that was bought from A.C. Milan this summer fears that he can not play against his old-team next Sunday. Because Luciano Figueroa is not ready yet to play, the only solution for sunday is to start with Mirco Gasparetto as central forward.

August 22nd, 2007 Transfers none Comments


As expected, one hour ago Genoa bought 30-years old defender Alessandro Lucarelli of Siena. The official presentation is tomorrow after the medical-test and the transfer is on time to play with Genoa against Milan next sunday.

August 22nd, 2007 News none Comments

  • Against A.C. Milan for sure midfield-player Manuel Coppola (squalified) and defenders Andrea Masiello + Cesare Bovo (both injured) don’t play.
  • Within a few hours the arrival of experienced defender Alessandro Lucarelli of Siena is expected.
  • Today – as expected – the authorities banned Milan-fans to visit Genoa-Milan next Sunday
  • This afternoon season-ticket 20.000 was sold in Genoa-store.

August 20th, 2007 News none Comments


  • Genoa did win the Tropheo Spagnolo the yearly match to remember Vincenzo Claudio Spagnolo. After 90 minutes the score in the match Genoa-Torino was 4-4 by goals of Papa Waigo (1-0), Borriello (2-0), Konko (3-0) and Sculli (4-4). All 4 players of Genoa scored at the shoot-outs: Rimoldi, Masiello, Leon and Danilo.
  • Genoa lost against Ascoli in the second round of Coppa Italia. After 90 minutes the score was 2-2 by goals of Di Vaio and Papa Waigo. In the extra 30 minutes Centi scored the winning 3-2 goal for the team of Ascoli that relegated from Serie A to Serie B this year.
  • Genoa is still on the lead in the first derby: the number of season-tickets. Unless the arrival of Montella and Cassano the other team of Genova sold till 20th August only 17.300 season-tickets while the Rossoblu team already sold 19.300 abbonamenti.
  • Genoa bought their nineth new player: defender Gleison Pinto dos Santos of Albinoleffe. The Brasilian player is born on 18th August 1981 and is 1.89 meters. Because of the many goals against Genoa in the last 3 matches: Torino (4-4), Grosseto (2-1) and Ascoli (3-2) their are a lot of rumours about an extra experienced defender.
  • August 19th, 2007 News none Comments

    At 15th August Genoa has beaten Grosseto (this year new in Serie B) in the first round of Coppa Italia. Omar Milanetto scored the first goal after 3 minutes with a perfect free-kick and after 16 minutes Papa Waigo doubled the score into 2-0 by scoring a perfect assist of Marco di Vaio. Before half-time ex-Genoano of the year Marco Carparelli scored the last goal of the match: 2-1. Our ex-player did not celebrate his goal to show his respect to Genoa-supporters. In the next round Genoa has to play against Ascoli, one of the favorites to win Serie B this year, after the relegation of Serie A last season.

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