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September 16th, 2007 News none Comments

Marco Borriello

The 3rd match of this season brought again a draw for Genoa. After Milanetto missed a penalty (crossbar) in the 10th minute, Tavano scored a penalty in the 52nd minute: 0-1. The Livorno-happiness lasted only 4 minutes: Marco Borriello scored after a perfect cross of Marco Rossi. Genoa did everything to score also the winning second goal, but unfortunately we have to wait for next week to see the first victory of Genoa. 

September 15th, 2007 News none Comments

Yesterday the free-sale for the derby started at 10 o’clock and at 11.20 all the 6.895 tickets were sold out. Official the sale was only for Sampdoria-fans, but at least 50% of the fans in the lines before ticket-shops had a Genoa scarve around the neck.

It will be even more a problem to find a free ticket for the home-derby in February, because besides the 21.600 season-tickets Sampdoria will have 11.273 tickets (9206 Gradinata Sud and 2067 visitors sector) for their season-ticket holders, so only 3.668 tickets are available.

September 12th, 2007 News none Comments

Gradinata Nord

Sampdoria football-club has decided that Genoa-fans only can visit the derby next week at Gradinata Nord (9.167 seats) and the sector for the visiting-fans of Sampdoria (2.079 seats) which means that Genoa only gets 11.246 of the 36.541 tickets (30,78%). The cold war has started and a lot of Genoa-fans should try to buy a ticket on Distinti and Tribuna which are ment to be totally Sampdoria-sectors. Because only half of these sectors are filled with seasonticket-holders of Sampdoria, the other half is, starting friday, on sale for Sampdoria-supporters without a season-ticket. Many Genoani should try to be a Sampdoria-supporter for only 5 minutes next friday, only at the moment they buy the ticket !!

September 10th, 2007 News none Comments

Skysportscafé Amsterdam

The most colourful and peaceful derby of Italy between Sampdoria and Genoa is fixed at Sunday-evening 23rd September at 20.30 hours. The members of Genoa Club Amsterdam and all other Genoani have the possibility to watch the match on a big screen in Skysportscafé in Amsterdam (Leidseplein, next to Bulldog).  

September 8th, 2007 Clips none Comments

[youtube GWkWruu0Jos]

Okay boys: this is how you must do it! You did it last season, so why don’t we do it in Serie A? To refresh your mind, a You Tube clip of Noigenoani.tk (mille grazie !!) from a few months ago…


September 8th, 2007 News none Comments


Genoa beat Swiss Serie B team A.C. Lugano: 4-0. In the first half Di Vaio and Figueroa scored the first two goals and after the tea again Di Vaio and Sculli scored. Around 1000 spectators (200 Genoani) were present. Luciano Figueroa played all 90 minutes, so there is a big chance he starts in the line-up next week against Livorno.  

September 8th, 2007 News none Comments


Yesterday Genoa celebrated the 114th birthday. More than 700 supporters came to Piazza De Ferrari to celebrate the birthday of the oldest club of Italy. Today Genoa plays against the club of vice-president Pastorello: Lugano, team in Serie B of Switzerland with a lot of young players that played last year in Primavera of Genoa and try to get ready in Switzerland for a return in Serie A with the Rossoblu team. For sure Luciano Figueroa, Manuel Coppola and Cesare Bovo are in the line-up to get in good condition for the match against Livorno next week. Genoa surely misses 5 players today: Juric, Masiello and Borriello (all injured), Leon (qualification match with national team of Honduras) and Papa Waigo (qualification match with Senegal). 

September 5th, 2007 News none Comments


On Sunday 7th October Genoa plays in Luigi Ferraris the match against Cagliari.

Genoa Club Amsterdam visits this match and organizes a special trip (with tickets for the match) for our members. If you want to go with us to our first match in Serie A: see Visit match Genoa and send an e-mail before Sunday 9th September 20.00 hours.

September 5th, 2007 News none Comments


The symbol of the reborn Genoa Manuel Coppola returned after his injury in the group of Mr. Gasperini.                                

Also Andrea Masiello and Marco Borriello are expected to return in the group before the match against Livorno on Sunday 16th September. With a little luck also Cesare Bovo recuperates within 11 days, so Mr. Gasperini can make a choice between all the 22 players of the playlist.

September 5th, 2007 Sidetalk none Comments

Most visits from Milan

The website genoaclubamsterdam.com is now in the air for one week. We received some lovely compliments from fans all over the world.  Some webstats: 2.000 unique visitors from 39 countries like Saudi Arabia (20!), Tanzania, Japan, Moldavia and Dominican Republic. Genoa ovunque! The most visits we received from Italy, especially Milano.. The Arena video was the most watched content.

Keep on visiting our website and don’t be afraid to use the comments.

With compliments and Forza Genoa,

your webmaster DJ Puré de Mele

ps: Do you know somebody with an own Genoa internetsite? Please let them place a link to us! Grazie!

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