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October 18th, 2007 News none Comments

Genoa fifth in Serie A

After 11 years in Serie B and 1 season in Serie C-1 it is difficult to believe, but the scoreboard of Luigi Ferraris Stadium still tells the truth: Genoa is number 5 of Serie A. Big teams like Milan and Lazio are jealous that we already gained 12 points, 4 more than our local friends of Sampdoria. We all know it is almost impossible to keep the fifth place till the end of the season, but after the 12 difficult years it is good to enjoy this great moment. Forza Genoa !

October 11th, 2007 News none Comments

Genoa did win the season-ticket competition against Sampdoria by 21.675 against 18.258. Genoa is on 6th place in Italy by number of season-tickets.


Top 10 in Italy:

  1. Milan 42.106
  2. Inter 36.417
  3. Roma 27.313
  4. Forentina 23.389
  5. Napoli 22.430
  6. Genoa 21.675
  7. Palermo 19.996
  8. Sampdoria 18.258
  9. Juventus 17.179
  10. Torino 16.401

October 9th, 2007 News none Comments

Young fan.

Sunday afternoon: Genoa – Cagliari, almost 10 years after the foundation of our fanclub the first match to visit in Serie A. It also was the return in Gradinata Sud, this time as seasonticket-holder of Genoa and not as visiting supporter of Ajax. As we already had seen on the closed training saturday: Genoa played with Konko in defence and Marco Rossi on midfield. Also this time Mr. Gasperini found the perfect tactical-system to control the match. Cagliari hardly never reached goalkeeper Rubinho of Genoa, while goalkeeper Fortin on the other side was very bussy to try to keep the zero on the scoreboard. In the first half the Sardinian goalkeeper succeeded, but in the second half in front of Gradinata Sud he was without any chance at the fantastic goals of Borriello (his fifth this season!) and Marco di Vaio. Now Genoa is back in the same position as during our last visit of Gradinata Sud on 1st April 1992: zone Uefa-cup, only at that time this young supporter wasn’t born yet.   

October 9th, 2007 News none Comments


Saturday after the training there was a special match between the employees of Genoa. We recognized trainer Gian Piero Gasperini, his assistents Bruno Caneo and Gianluca Spinelli, doctor Lucio Genesio, Fabrizio Preziosi, press-manager Dino Storace and Luciano Figueroa. Our Argentinian striker played without any fisical problems and scored some goals of course. Let’s hope Lucho returns quickly in the team of Mr. Gasperini, but after Saturday-afternoon we know that the goalkeepers in Serie A have to fear our very sympathetic forward.  



October 9th, 2007 News none Comments


Saturday-afternoon at 14.30, half an hour before the closed training of Genoa, we hand over our yearly trophy: “Genoa Club Amsterdam Genoano of the year” to the trainer of Genoa: Mr. Gian Piero Gasperini. Our 49 years old coach really was proud to receive the trophy and was honoured with our comparation of him with Michels, Cruijff and Van Gaal. The very friendly trainer told us he is indeed inspired by the Dutch football-style, as we once again could see the day after during the fantastic match Genoa – Cagliari. 

October 8th, 2007 Clips none Comments

As we promised: the You Tube clip of Genoa-Cagliari (2-0). Posted on the internet by a Dutch Cagliari-fan… We’re living in a small world. 

[youtube P1QWtQvQ11M]

October 7th, 2007 Sidetalk none Comments

A sms from our President Hans Otten and his ‘adjudant’ Bart in Genova: “Because of the 2-0 and the fifth place in the Serie A; it’s a big party down here.” Well Hans, we’re also partying in Amsterdam at the moment! UEFA-cup here we come 🙂 As soon as possible i’m posting the best You Tube clip of the match against Calgiari.  Forza Genoa! DJ Pure de Mele.

October 2nd, 2007 News none Comments

Gian Piero Gasperini

The fans of Genoa Club Amsterdam have chosen Mr. Gasperini as Genoano of the year 2006-2007. There are many reasons to honour our 49 years old coach as most important Genoano of last season. Of course he brought us back in Serie A and he surely always is a real gentlemen, but most of all he is an Italian trainer with Dutch, or even better, Amsterdam minds. He always thinks offensive and his most favorite tactical-system is 3-4-3. It’s the system of the 3 most successful Dutch coaches of all times: Rinus Michels, Johan Cruijff and Louis van Gaal.

Rinus Michels +Johan CruijffLouis van Gaal

All 3 were born in Amsterdam and started their career as coach of Ajax (they won together 4 European Cups and 7 Dutch titles) and then went to F.C. Barcelona (to win together 2 European Cups and 7 Spanish titles), while Rinus Michels also was the coach of the winning national team of Holland during the European Championship in 1988. Our Mr. Gasperini has the same way of thinking as the 3 musketeers of Holland and all 4 of them use the same lyrics like: “attacking is the best defense” and “if we have the ball the opponent can’t score”. Their way of thinking brings a lot of succes and must be honoured in these hard years of modern, defensive and calculated football. Let’s hope Mr. Gasperini can bring us the 10th scudetto in the next years to be forever the man that gave us our star!   

We hope to hand over our trophy to Mr. Gasperini next Saturday at the Pegli trainingfield.   

October 1st, 2007 Clips none Comments

See how Genoa won in Napoli. Most of the time we prefer a draw against our friends, but a ranking above Milan and the Ciclisti feels good after all those years.

[youtube onV_QsnDRlc]

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