Prince of Baires is now the King of Genova

Diego Milito can fly and scores the winning goal in his first lighthouse derby

Genoa has beaten Sampdoria by 0-1. The first victory in the derby since 5th November 2001 was decided by a goal of Diego Alberto Milito in the 50th minute. Genoa is now on the 6th place in the standings with 25 points, Sampdoria has only 16 points.

 The players get crazy after the goal of Milito

Mr. Gasperini started the derby in an unusual 4-4-2 system, but with the dream midfield: Rossi, Milanetto, Motta and Juric we already hoped last week during the hand over of our trophy to Omar Milanetto. Genoa was surely the strongest team in the field at the moment it was possible to play football, but mostly there was no space to play football. Referee Farina whistled 58 fouls and gave 11 yellow cards, 5 to Genoa and 6 Sampdoria players. The goal was a fantastic header of Milito out of a freekick of Omar Milanetto. After the goal Sampdoria scored 2 times in an off-side position which frustated Cassano and Co badly. Of course there was big happiness in Gradinata Nord, the visitors sector in the main stand and on the field at the moment referee Farina finally whistled after 5 minutes of extra time in the second half. Grazie Genoa !

Choreografie in Gradinata Nord before the derby (07-12-2008)

Mr. Gasperini selects 20 players to play derby

this makes the Genovese-derby the best in the world

Tonight the 81st derby takes place in Luigi Ferraris and hopefully again a peaceful one, because this makes the lighthouse derby the most special in the world. Idiots like Antonio Cassano try to create a violent atmosphere by saying stupide things in the media, but let’s hope the supporters of both teams have more brains than the ugly kid of Bari. 

Mr. Gasperini selected the following 20 players:

Goalkeepers: Scarpi, Rubinho

Defenders: Biava, Bocchetti, Criscito, Ferrari, Sokratis, Potenza

Midfielders: Brivio, Juric, Milanetto, Modesto, Rossi, Thiago Motta, Vanden Borre

Strikers: Jankovic, Milito, Olivera, Palladino, Sculli  

The following 8 players sure start in the line-up: Rubinho, Biava, Ferrari, Criscito, Thiago Motta, Juric, Milito and Sculli. The choice of the other 3 depends on the tactical system of Mr. Gasperini and his staff. Does he want to play with an extra defender (Sokratis), 3 or 4 midfieldplayers (Rossi, Milanetto, Van den Borre) and a real wingstriker (Palladino) or an offensive left midfieldplayer (Rossi) ? We all know it at 20.30 hours, Forza Genoa ! 

derby-fever (2): Samp-fans don’t want Farina

referee Farina, born in Genova, now living in Novi Ligure

This morning the boss of the referees: Collina published the names of the referees for this weekend. The derby of Genova will be lead by the very experienced international referee Farina. The arbiter is born in Genova and lives now a little north in Novi Ligure. A few months ago Sampdoria player Cassano said that the players of Genoa have a white face of fear if they play against Sampdoria. It looks like he was wrong and mentioned his own supporters because Sampdoria supportersclubs this afternoon heavily protested against the choice of Farina. The referee should be a Genoa-supporter, which is usual if you are born in Genova, so we don’t see the problem. 

In the meanwhile it is almost sure that Genoa misses besides Matteo Paro also Giandomenico Mesto and Andrea Gasbarroni in the derby. Both are probably not healthy enough Sunday to play such an important match. Francesco Modesto is completely ready.

Derby-fever 3 long days before the kick-off

Satellitesportscafé at the Leidseplein (next to Bulldog) in the city-centre of Amsterdam

To most of the Genoa-fans it feels like this week will never end. Everybody is counting the days till the derby finally starts. The tickets to the derby are sold out and the club does not except public during the training these days. We read in the newspapers that Modesto is back in the team and ready to play, but on the other hand Gasbarroni got injured yesterday in the friendly match and probably he can not play Sunday. We also read that Genoa wants to play in the traditional red and blue outfit in stead of the white away-shirts, but the referee has to decide this one hour before the match starts.

Genoa-fans that are in the Amsterdam-area next Sunday can watch the match in the Satellitesportscafé ( on the Leidseplein in the city-centre of the Capital of Holland.

Genoa CFC – Di Vaio and Adailton: 1-1 (Sculli)

Giuseppe Sculli after his 5th goal of the season against Bologna

Genoa is again stopped by ex-players. After the defeats in the beginning of the season in Catania and Palermo by winning goals of ex-players Giuseppe Mascara and Cesare Bovo, this time it was Marco di Vaio out of a cross of Adailton who scored the equalizer: 1-1.

Maybe because of the terrible wetter, the first half of Genoa-Bologna was a little disappointing without many chances. In the 2nd half with Gasbarroni as substitute of Palladino the match was much more attractive. In the 54th minute Giuseppe Sculli scored the opening goal after a perfect cross of Gasbarroni and 9 minutes later Marco di Vaio headed the ball behind Rubinho: 1-1. In the last half hour both teams had changes to score the winning goal, but Potenza and Milito of Genoa and Di Vaio of Bologna could not beat the goalkeepers once again. Luckily only Vanden Borre got a yellow card, so nobody will be squalified for the derby next Sunday and also no player got injured.

[youtube GGxbmWD6r9c]

Playmaker Milanetto happy with our trophy

Omar Milanetto, Genoa Club Amsterdam Genoano of the year 2007-2008

Last Saturday, 1 day before his 33rd birthday, Omar Milanetto received our yearly trophy in the pressroom of the Pegli trainingsfield. The very friendly playmaker was happy with the trophy and thanked the Genoa-supporters from Holland and Belgium as an example of all Genoa-fans outside Italy for their support. We hope that Omar, who played a good match against Bologna the day after receiving the trophy, can stay in the line-up now the squalification of Thiago Motta is over. In our opinion both can play together in the heart of the midfield next Sunday in the lighthouse derby, but of course it’s in the hands of Mr. Gasperini, our last Genoa Club Amsterdam Genoano of the year.

Our youngest 11 months old member Pietro also was present