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March 13th, 2009 News none Comments

The last derby was decided by Diego Milito who beat his rival Antonio Ca$$ano

Today the Italian Football Association has published the definitive calendar till the 34th playround. Usually the matches at the last 4 playrounds (35 till 38) must begin all at the same time (Sunday 15.00 hours) but this season this is only nescessary the last 2 playrounds. Despite this new rule it looks like that also this year all the teams play at the same time during the last 4 playrounds. Till the end of the season Genoa plays 3 homematches in the evening:

Saturday 11th April 20.30 hours Genoa-Juventus 

Saturday 18th April 18.00 hours Genoa-Lazio   

Sunday 3rd May 20.30 hours Genoa-Sampdoria

All the other matches, after tomorrow in Cagliari, start Sunday-afternoon at 15.00 hours.

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