Genoa beats Sampdoria 3rd time in a row: 3-0

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Gradinata Nord before Genoa-Sampdoria 3-0 (28-11-2009)

As usual Genoa-fans did win also the choreography

Distinti before Genoa-Sampdoria 3-0 (28-11-2009)

Figgi do Zena had their own choreography at Distinti

Enrico Preziosi is happy with the 3rd derby-victory in a row

Also President Enrico Preziosi was very happy with the 3rd victory and again 3 goals

As usual the derby started 1 week before the match. The supporters of Sampdoria made a pamphlet that they would take revanche for the 2 defeats last season: “all the arrogant Genoani in and outside the field should return depressively to their homes after the big lesson of Sampdoria at Saturday 28 November.” Of course we were all very frightened.

Mr. Gasperini again suprised the opponent, this time to play without a central forward. All the 3 wingplayers Palacio, Sculli and Palladino were in the line-up and changed their position constantly. The tactical move worked within 9 minutes when Palacio only could be stopped irregulary by Ziegler in the penaltyarea. Omar Milanetto scored the penalty: 1-0 

Omar Milanetto celebrates the openinggoal against Sampdoria

Also after the goal Genoa was the best team in the field and both Criscito (header on the crossbar) and Ziegler (shot the ball at his own post) were close to the 2nd goal. In the injury-time of the first half Giuseppe Biava got his second yellow card, so Sampdoria should start the 2nd half with 1 extra player in the field which gave them new hope unless the fact it was a miracle the score was still only 1-0.

Also 10 Genoani still controlled the match and were several times close to the 2nd goal, but goalkeeper Castellazzi saved the others of Genova at the beginning. In the 53rd also Castellazzi was without any chance when Marco Rossi scored out of an assist of man of the match Omar Milanetto: 2-0. In the 66th minute even Sampdoria lost a player with a red card and the match was played, especially when Raffaele Palladino scored the 2nd penalty after Sokratis was fouled in the penaltyarea, again by unlucky Ziegler: 3-0.

  Raffaele Palladino can not hear the Sampdoria-fans after his goal, unless the fact Juric tried to help them

Both the Sampdoria players and fans reacted very frustated on the way of celebrating of Palladino. Especially Italian international and captain of Sampdoria Angelo Palombo lost his head and was saved by referee Rosetti who certainly had tot give him a red card. It was only a matter of time and the 2nd red card of Sampdoria arrived still when frustrated Cacciatore tried to break the legs of Ivan Juric. The numbers of the second half were clear: Genoa scored twice and Sampdoria lost 2 players with a red card. Genoa stays the boss in the city for at least another half a season. Grazie ragazzi, also without Diego Milito we are still the best in town !!

Derby: Juric and Milanetto back in the team

this makes the Genovese-derby the best in the world

Within 24 hours one of the most important matches of the season starts: the derby ! Two of the most important players of Genoa are back in the team of 20 players that are now in the Sheraton hotel near the airport to prepare for the big match: midfieldplayers Ivan Juric and Omar Milanetto. The 2 experienced players can “read” the game and bring Genoa the 3rd derby-victory in a row after the 1-0 and 3-1 (all Genoa-goals by Diego Milito) of last season. The 20 players are:

GOALKEEPERS: Amelia, Scarpi

DEFENDERS: Biava, Bocchetti, Criscito, Fatic, Moretti, Sokratis

MIDFIELDERS: Juric, Milanetto, Modesto, Rossi, Sculli, Tomovic, Zapater

STRIKERS: Crespo, Figueroa, Floccari, Palacio, Palladino

Genoa-Sampdoria in Holland (TV + internet)

Genova Rossoblu

Saturday at 20.45 hours is the 101st edition of the lighthouse derby Genoa-Sampdoria. This time it is not only a match between the two teams and the supporters with their choreography but also the battle between the club (Genoa) that wants to reconstruct and stay in Luigi Ferraris and the club that wants to build a new stadium elsewhere in the city.

Also in Holland it is possible to see the match. You can watch the derby, that was won twice by Genoa last year, at your own TV if you can receive Sport 1, while this sportschannel also gives everybody the possibility to watch the match live on internet ( which costs you € 3,99. Of course it is as usual also possible to watch the match in the Satellite Sportscafé in the city-centre of Amsterdam (Leidseplein, next to famous Bulldog).

Satellitesportscafé at the Leidseplein (next to Bulldog) in the city-centre of Amsterdam

Genoa lost in 93rd minute in Livorno: 2-1

[youtube n50KmTllyyA]

Against Lille in Europa League we did win the match in injury-time so we still can continue our European adventure after the winter. Yesterday we lost the match in the 93rd minute by a goal of Pulzetti. Sometimes you are lucky and sometimes …

Genoa played one of the most bad matches of the season. We lost the match in midfield, usually our strongest sector in the field. Maybe the fact that we missed 3 of the 4 central midfieldplayers, only Zapater was available, was too much. Next week in the derby Omar Milanetto surely returns after his squalification, while probably also Ivan Juric can return after his injury. After goals of Lucarelli and Mimmo Criscito and a yellow card to Mesto which means that he can not play the derby, everybody thought the match would end in a draw, which also would be the correct endresult. In the last minute all our defenders only looked for Lucarelli, so Pulzetti was completely free to score the winning goal.

Mimmo Criscito scores the equalizer against Livorno in the 3rd shirt of Genoa 

2500 Genoa-fans support our team in Livorno

Criscito, Palladino and Bocchetti, 3 players of the Italian National team

After the break of the National teams this weekend Serie A starts again. Genoa with the 3 Italian internationals Bocchetti, Criscito and Palladino plays in Livorno, the team of ex-coach Serse Cosmi (2004-2005) and ex-President Aldo Spinelli (1985-1997). Genoa gets the support of 2.500 fans in Northern Toscany tomorrow at 15.00 hours in which Mr. Gasperini can use the following 18 players:

GOALKEEPERS: 32 Amelia, 73 Scarpi

DEFENDERS: 25 Biava, 26 Bocchetti, 4 Criscito, 13 Fatic, 24 Moretti, 34 Terigi

MIDFIELDERS: 20 Mesto, 23 Modesto, 7 Rossi, 40 Tomovic, 21 Zapater

STRIKERS: 9 Crespo, 33 Floccari, 8 Palacio, 10 Palladino, 14 Sculli

Fondazione wants reconstruct Luigi Ferraris

The new Luigi Ferraris

The city of Genova wants to build a new stadium in the city to be one of the cities of Euro 2016 which possibly will take place in Italy. The city-council and Sampdoria’s president Garrone want to build a new stadium anywhere in the city, while Genoa and their fans only want to stay in Luigi Ferraris. Of course Luigi Ferraris need to be reconstructed to be home of the Euro 2016, but this project costs only € 50 million, while a new stadium costs at least € 200 million. See the video that was presented today by the Fondazione Genoa, a group of Genoa-supporters that does everything to protect our Genoa against commercial and political influences and that is also responsable to the Genoa-museum:

[youtube HDJMo3-GKZ4]

Genoa beats Siena in spectacular game: 4-2

[youtube aLuN58dAXvI]

In the last match before the National team break the Gasperini-boys again booked a spectacular victory with the deciding goal in the last minute. After Hernan Crespo scored 1-0 and 2-0 it was Raffaele Palladino (tonight after many years selected by Mr. Lippi in the Italian National team) who put 3-0 as halftime score in the books. Game over ? 

Rodrigo Palacio against Siena; our winger plays better every week 

Unhappily not, because in the 80th and 82nd minute Siena scored 3-1 and 3-2, so everything was possible again also because of the fact many players of Genoa seemed tired after the match in Europa League last Thursday against Lille. In the 90th minute the deciding goal was scored by substitute Sergio Floccari: 4-2 and again 3 points to Genoa. We are now on the 6th position in the standings with 20 points in 12 matches, exactly the same as last season when we ended at the fifth position and went into Europa League.  

Hernan Crespo (2 goals) and Raffaele Palladino (1 goal) celebrate one of their goals against Siena

Mimmo Criscito back in team against Siena

Domenico Criscito

Tomorrow Domenico Criscito returns in the team of Mr. Gasperini. Let’s hope his return last longer than the half an hour in Lille when it seemed that Mimmo returned too soon after his injury. Genoa plays tomorrow in Luigi Ferraris against number last in the standings Siena, but also because Genoa played an energetic match this week against Lille it won’t be an easy match. The following 19 players are ready to play tomorrow:

GOALKEEPERS: Russo, Scarpi

DEFENDERS: Bocchetti, Esposito, Fatic, Moretti, Sokratis, Tomovic

MIDFIELDERS: Criscito, Mesto, Milanetto, Modesto, Rossi, Zapater

STRIKERS: Crespo, Floccari, Palacio, Palladino, Sculli

Genoa beats Lille in 93rd minute: 3-2

Giuseppe Sculli decided the match in the 93rd minute

Was it the Dutch referee in the field ? The goals of Genoa-Lille were exactly equal with the match Genoa-Ajax 17 years ago, only this time Genoa in the role of Ajax. At halftime Genoa leaded by 1-0 thanks to the goal of Rodrigo Palacio (in April 1992 Ajax leaded by 1-0 thanks to Pettersson out of a cross of our member of honour Johnny van ‘t Schip).

In the beginning of the 2nd half Hernan Crespo doubled the score (just like Bryan Roy in 1992) and at the moment you think the match is played Lille scored twice in only 8 minutes (as Aguilera did against Ajax) making the score 2-2. A draw did not help Genoa anything in the race to the next round so in the last minutes the Gasperini boys did everything to win. Just like Aron Winter in 1992 this time Giuseppe Sculli scored the deciding 3-2 in the last minute. The first match of a lot of Dutch members of Genoa Club Amsterdam is finally played again with this time our Genoa as winner ! 

the video thanks to (mille grazie) 

[youtube Q_9LnMIRbCo] 

the last goal on Radio Nostalgia by Pinuccio Brenzini

[youtube I4V6nF-fow4]

Because Valencia and Slavia draw in Praha (2-2 after Valencia leaded by 0-2), Lille is still on top of Group B with 7 points, Valencia and Genoa are both second with 6 points while Slavia Praha has only 2 points. The next round is on Wednesday 2nd December when Genoa plays in Praha and Valencia plays in Spain against Lille.

Genoa-Lille with Dutch referee: Bas Nijhuis

referee Bas Nijhuis gives a red card to Feyenoord player Cissé in the derby against Sparta

Genoa plays tomorrow at 19.00 hours the 4th match in Europa League against Lille. The French team is the leader of Group B with 7 points, before Valenicia (5), Genoa (3) and Slavia Praha (1). Because only the first 2 teams of every group go to the next round Genoa has to win to stay in competition. Mr. Gasperini selected these 19 players:

GOALKEEPERS: Russo, Scarpi

DEFENDERS: Biava, Bocchetti, Esposito, Moretti, Sokratis, Tomovic

MIDFIELDERS: Mesto, Milanetto, Modesto, Rossi, Zapater

STRIKERS: Crespo, Figueroa, Floccari, Palacio, Palladino, Sculli