7 Goals but no points: Genoa-Bologna 3-4

It was terrible weather in Liguria today which brought a lot of wind, rain and goals. Genoa took 3 times the lead, but Bologna always came back and 10 mintes before the end our ex-player Adailton scored his 3rd and Bologna’s 4th goal.

our ex-player Adailton scored 3 times

With David Suazo as substitute of Robert Acquafresca who scored twice last week against Udinese our team started very good. In the 8th minute Suazo opened the score to be very attent at the moment the goalkeeper of Bologna could hardly save the shot of Dainelli. Unfortunately Bologna scored the equalizer only a few minutes later when Criscito got the ball out of a corner on his knee and Bologna could score easily: 1-1. Genoa had to start again, but Giuseppe Sculli helped us to score 2-1. Also this time Bologna came back soon when our ex-player Adailton scored after a big error of Dainelli. Still in the 1st half it was David Suazo who scored his second goal this afternoon (just as Acquafresca last week) after a combination with Marco Rossi: 3-2, halftime.

David Suazo scored twice against Bologna

In the second half Adailton scored his 2nd and 3rd goal (dubious penalty on the edge of the penaltyarea) which gave Bologna a 3-4 victory. The Gasperini-boys only hit 3 times the post and the crossbar in the 2nd half. Our second homedefeat of the season (other defeat against Inter: 0-5) was born and we missed a great chance to be inside the Europa League zone. We still have 12 matches to continue our European adventure.

[youtube Woik-cTKdLs]


Omar Milanetto can play against Bologna

Omar Milanetto celebrates the openinggoal against Sampdoria

The last weeks our playmaker Omar Milanetto was injured in his face, but tomorrow “Hannibal” can return in the team of Mr. Gasperini with a mask to protect his head. With the return of Milanetto the number of injured players is reduced to 4: Kharja (who returns in a few weeks and already plays with the Primavera-team of Genoa), Juric, Palladino (maybe can play next week in San Siro against Inter) and Acquafresca who after his 2 goals last week got injured at the training this week. Tomorrow against Bologna the following 18 players are ready to come even closer to Europa League-zone:

GOALKEEPERS: Amelia, Scarpi

DEFENDERS: Bocchetti, Dainelli, Moretti, Sokratis, Tomovic

MIDFIELDERS: Criscito, Fatic, Lazarevic, Milanetto, Rossi, Zapater

STRIKERS: Jankovic, Mesto, Palacio, Suazo, Sculli

Genoa-Udinese: 3-0 (2x Acquafresca+Palacio)

The goalscorers against Udinese: Robert Acquafresca and Rodrigo Palacio

Yesterday-evening Genoa beat Udinese by 3-0. Our new central-forward Robert Acquafresca scored twice, while our returned Argentinian wing-striker Rodrigo Palacio scored the last goal. We have now 38 points in 25 matches and are 9th in the standings.

Mr. Gasperini again started with his new defence: Sokratis, Dainelli and Moretti and for the first time with the 3 strikers: Palacio, Acquafresca and Sculli. In the beginning of the match Udinese played good, maybe even better than our boys, but after 30 minutes the match changed. After goalkeeper Handanovic stopped a great shot of Sculli it was Acquafresca who scored in the rebound: 1-0, first goal of Acquafresca in Rossoblu. Despite serveral chances with this score also halftime arrived.

Alberto Zapater also against Udinese one of our best players

In the 2nd half Genoa played towards Gradinata Nord, as often the most favorite direction of the players. In the 8th minute Genoa got a corner. At the far post Acquafresca surprised defender Coda of Udinese but before our new talented striker could score he was stopped by Coda: penalty. It was only a delay of a minute before Acquafresca could score his first goal in front of Gradinata Nord because he scored the penalty himself: 2-0. Just a litte more then 10 minutes later Palacio headed the 3-0 behind Handanovic after a good cross of Sculli. In the last 15 minutes Jankovic returned after his heavy injury for the first time this season in our team as substitute of Robert Acquafresca who deserved the standing ovation of the public. 

[youtube pYp7H2oMdXE]

Tonight 18.00 hours: Genoa-Udinese

Bosko Jankovic scored again today, just as last week

Tonight at 18.00 hours Genoa plays in Luigi Ferraris against Udinese on a new grassfield, that is ready just on time. Our wingstriker Bosko Jankovic is finally back in the team, just as Emiliano Moretti, Rodrigo Palacio and Nenad Tomovic. Mr. Gasperini selected the following 18 players:

GOALKEEPERS: 32 Amelia, 73 Scarpi

DEFENDERS: 26 Bocchetti, 3 Dainelli, 13 Fatic, 24 Moretti, 15 Sokratis, 40 Tomovic

MIDFIELDERS: 4 Criscito, 22 Gucher, 20 Mesto, 7 Rossi, 21 Zapater

STRIKERS: 9 Acquafresca, 17 Jankovic, 8 Palacio, 14 Sculli, 19 Suazo 

With the match tonight probably comes an end to the discussion about the incredible penalty of Juventus last week. Even José Murinho the trainer of Inter supported Genoa in the newspapers and was furious that Juventus was helped for the 3rd match in a row. It looks like the referees want to end the crisis of Juventus. Even last Thursday in Europa League the opponent of Juventus: Ajax did not get 2 clear penalties. Unless the defeat the Ajax-supporters were clear:

Ajax-Juventus, Europa League 18-02-2010

As ever: Juventus wins by unreal penalty: 3-2

The unreal penalty: if Sokratis already touched Del Piero it was outside the penaltyarea

Yesterday Genoa played a very good match in Turin against Juventus and deserved the 2-2 draw which was on the scoreboard before referee Mazzoleni gave Juventus an unbelievable penalty like the Moggi-scandal never happened. Not only the referee is to blame about this penalty also the linesman who must have closed his eyes at the moment Del Piero showed everybody why so many people don’t like him, the symbol of Juventus.

referee Mazzoleni is happy that he could help Juventus, while Sokratis can not believe it

Genoa played a very good match and opened the score in the 16th minute by Marco Rossi – who at the beginning of the match already shot on the post – who realized a great combination of Zapater and Acquafresca. Time to the Juventus-fans to attack the 1500 Genoa-supporters with heavy fireworks. At the moment the fireworks finally stopped it was Amauri who scored the equalizer after an error of Criscito and Amelia. Halftime 1-1

Marco Rossi is happy after one of his goals against Juventus

In the 2nd half Juventus was the best team in the field but Genoa created just as many chances as the hometeam. In the 61st minute a great combinaton of Del Piero and Diego – again Criscito was not powerfull enough – gave the hometeam the lead: 2-1. The happiness lasted only 2 minutes when Marco Rossi scored again after a big mistake of Buffon: 2-2. This result also should be the most honest endresult, but referee Mazzoleni decided different. Let’s hope this was his last match in Serie A.

[youtube 9C3rQm5PFc8]  

Genoa with only 1 wingstriker against Juve

Genoa celebrated their 115th birthday in Luigi Ferraris stadium

On the highest level only a few teams play with 2 wingstrikers and a total of 3 forwards. This Dutch tactical system is used by Ajax, Barcelona and our Genoa. Mr. Gasperini has 4 wingstrikers in his selection, but 3 of them (Jankovic, Palacio and Palladino) are injured. Only Sculli can play in Turin against “The Old Lady” while also Giandomenico Mesto can play as a right forward, but he isn’t a real wingplayer. Because of the many injuries Mr. Gasperini selected the following 20 players including 6 youngsters:

GOALKEEPERS: Amelia, Frison, Scarpi

DEFENDERS: Bertoncini, Bocchetti, Dainelli, Fatic, Polenta, Sokratis

MIDFIELDERS: Criscito, Gucher, Mesto, Milanetto, Rossi, Zapater

STRIKERS: Acquafresca, Aleksic, El Shaarawy, Sculli, Suazo

Marco Rossi brings Genoa in Europe-zone

Marco Rossi celebrates his deciding goal against Chievo

This afternoon Genoa did win the important match against Chievo Verona by 1-0. Our captain Marco Rossi scored the only goal in the 63rd minute. Genoa is now on the shared 7th position in the standings with Juventus, our opponent of next week.

Because Biava is sold to Lazio and Criscito was suspended because of his 4th yellow card last week Mr. Gasperini had to change the team. Our coach substituted Biava by Sokratis in defense and put Mesto on the midfield-position of Sokratis last week. Ivan Juric substituted Criscito on the left in midfield, Acquafresca played in stead of Suazo as central-forward and Sculli was on the wingposition of Mesto last week in Naples. Genoa started the match very good and Acquafresca almost scored, but a defender of Chievo ruined the joy of Robert’s first goal with Genoa to kick the ball out of the goal after keeper Sorrentino was beaten. On the other side also our goalkeeper Marco Amelia had 2 perfect saves to keep his clean sheet since Genoa-Bari. Halftime: 0-0.

In the second half Genoa played much more agressive and just after Juric was changed by youngster Fatic our captain Marco Rossi scored with a perfect shot: 1-0. Unless the fact Mr. Gasperini substituted striker Palacio with defender Bocchetti our red and blue team stayed the most offensive team in the field. Omar Milanetto was close to the deciding 2-0, but his shot ended on the crossbar. After 95 minutes referee Ciampi finally whistled 3 times: 1-0, game over !  

The joy after the goal of Rossi against Chievo Verona

[youtube pbD-wkpOiNk] 

20 players selected to return to the top

Giuseppe Sculli decided the match in the 93rd minute

Tomorrow at 15.00 hours Genoa plays at home against Chievo Verona. As we all know, not 1 match in Serie A is an easy match and last year Genoa draw (2-2) in Luigi Ferraris against Chievo, but we have to win tomorrow to return on top of the standings and reach the Europa League section. Mr. Gasperini selected the following 20 players:

GOALKEEPERS: Amelia, Scarpi

DEFENDERS: Bocchetti, Dainelli, Moretti, Sokratis, Tomovic

MIDFIELDERS: Fatic, Gucher, Juric, Mesto, Milanetto, Rossi, Zapater

STRIKERS: Acquafresca, El Shaarawy, Palacio, Palladino, Sculli, Suazo

Transfermarket: Genoa buys + sells 7 players

Robert Acquafresca

As usual Genoa was very bussy at the tranfermarket. Last month Genoa bought and sold 14 players:


in: Alberto Frison (Vicenza)

out: Danilo Russo (Vicenza) 


in: Dario Dainelli (Fiorentina)

out: Giuseppe Biava (Lazio) and Andrea Esposito (Livorno)


in: Robert Gucher (Frosinone) and Gergely Rudolf (Debrecen, Hungary; arrives in July)

out: Francesco Modesto (Bologna)


in: Robert Acquafresca (Atalanta), David Suazo (Inter) and Aleksich (Vojvodina Novisad, Serbia)

out: Hernan Crespo (Parma), Lucho Figueroa (Rosario Central, Argentina) and Sergio Floccari (Lazio)

After all we can say that Genoa has become stronger with a real experienced central defender (Dainelli) that we missed the first half of the season after Matteo Ferrari went to Turkey. Also the fact that long time injured Jankovic, Palladino and Kharja are almost ready to play again makes us stronger. On the other hand it is a pitty we lost real Genoa-players like Beppe Biava and Lucho Figueroa. We wish them a lot of succes with their new teams, just as the other 5 players that left us this month. 

Beppe Biava as we always remember him: the nightmare of Cassano  Lucho Figueroa has scored against Odense in Europa League