Season over: Genoa lost against Lazio: 1-2

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Mr. Enrico Preziosi said this was one of the worst matches since he is our President. Against Lazio we had to win to keep the last week in Parma returned European dream alive. It looked like the players did not believe in the dream, or maybe they are tired after match 44 (35 Serie A, 8 Europa League and 1 Coppa Italia) this season with so many injuries. Just as the last 2 seasons we lost at home against Lazio: 1-2.

Ivan Juric and Sergio Floccari, together with Genoa till last January

In the 8th minute Genoa took the lead with a great shot of Palacio, who scored his 3rd goal in 2 matches. After this goal Lazio became stronger and stronger and halfway the first half defender Dias headed a corner behind Alessio Scarpi: 1-1.  Only a few minutes later Lazio also took the lead when Mesto played the ball towards his old teammate Sergio Floccari who since January plays on rent with Lazio and easily scored: 1-2. In the second half Genoa of course was the strongest team in the field but minute by minute it was more clear that the European dream is over, especially after Bocchetti got his red card 20 minutes before the end. We had a dream, game over !

 Giuseppe and Giuseppe, together with Genoa for many years

Genoa wins spectacular match in Parma: 2-3

Ivan Fatic scores his 1st goal in Serie A and brings Genoa back in Europa League zone

The last 2 seasons in Serie A we had a fantastic central-forward who scored almost 50% of all our goals. After Marco Borriello and Diego Milito, we miss such a great topscorer this year. But Mr. Gasperini found the solution and again in the Dutch way: the wing-players !  Yesterday Genoa scored 3 times: 2 goals by right wingplayer Rodrigo Palacio and the 3rd goal by Ivan Fatic who was only 30 seconds in the field when he scored. Again a good substitution of our brilliant coach.

Rodrigo Palacio scored twice in Parma

Ivan Fatic already was our 18th player who scored this season which is a record. The victory brought us back on the 8th position in the standings, just 1 place outside the Europa League zone. Sunday we play at home against Lazio and another victory is nescessary to keep the European dream alive.

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Genoa plays football, Sampdoria scores: 1-0

Genoa-fans as usual made a spectacular choreography before the derby

With Alessio Scarpi in the goal and Marco Rossi in midfield Genoa started version 102 of the derby della Lanterna. In the first 23 minutes Sampdoria was the strongest team in the field, but after the goal of Ca$$ano it was only the red and blue team that played football. Several chances were missed, a goal of Sculli was regulary annulated because of off-side and the biggest chance was missed by Bocchetti in the 90th minute while Dainelli was in a much better position just a few centimetres behind him. After 3 victories a defeat in the derby, but a draw should be a much more honest result.  

Bocchetti was close to score in the 90th minute, but maybe Dainelli was in a better position ….

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Tomorrow at 20.45: derby, the 4th in a row ?!

Diego Milito, Raffaele Palladino and tomorrow …..

To many football-fans in Genova this was the longest week so far this year, the week before the derby. As we all know Genoa did win the last 3 derbies by 0-1 (Milito), 3-1 (3 times Milito) and 3-0 (Milanetto, Rossi and Palladino). Of course the Gasparini-boys want to beat Sampdoria again tomorrow, unless the fact Genoa has many injuries. Our fantastic coach selected the following 21 players including 5 youngsters (Terigi, Cofie, Lazarevic, El Shaarawy and the goalscorer of last week Richmond Boakye) and 4 players that are not sure yet that they can play tomorrow: Dainelli, Tomovic, Rossi and Acquafresca:

GOALKEEPERS: Amelia, Scarpi

DEFENDERS: Bocchetti, Criscito, Dainelli, Moretti, Sokratis, Terigi

MIDFIELDERS: Cofie, Lazarevic, Mesto, Milanetto, Rossi, Tomovic, Zapater

STRIKERS: Acquafresca, Boakye, El Shaarawy, Palacio, Palladino, Sculli

The best foto after every derby: Genoa-players celebrating another victory

Siena-Genoa 0-0; Mimmo + Marco honoured

3500 Genoa-fans including many children went to Siena

The wetter, the friendship between the fans of both teams and the whole atmosphere was fantastic to a great match in Toscany last Sunday. Unfortunately the goalkeepers Curci and Ameli were the best players in the field and unbeatable. Genoani Marco Rossi and Raffaele Palladino and striker Ghezzal of Siena almost scored, but the 0-0 stayed till the end on the scoreboard. Both teams were not very pleased with the draw.


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Before the match the members of Genoa Club Amsterdam had a warm welcome by Press-officer Dino Storace of Genoa in the players-hotel in Montereggioni. As Genoa Club Amsterdam Genoano of the season 2008-2009 our members voted midfielder Mimmo Criscito, who played 3 years ago with Genoa in Serie B and now is a line-up player in the Italian National team, unless his young age of only 23. Mimmo was very pleased with the trophy which is clear on the foto: 

Mimmo Criscito Genoa Club Amsterdam Genoano of the Year 2008-2009

For the first time we also voted for the Genoano of the decennium. Of course our coach Mr. Gasperini (Genoano of the Year 2006-2007) and Mr. Enrico Preziosi (Genoano of the Year 2002-2003) were very important the last decade but we chose our Captain who plays with Genoa since July 2003 and wants to stay with us till the end of his career: Marco Rossi, already our Genoano of the year 2004-2005. Also Marco Rossi was very happy with his trophy with the 3 crosses of Amsterdam:

Marco Rossi with his trophy as Genoano of the decennium: 2000-2010