Fiorentina-Genoa (again) 1-0; Inter arrives

The Genoa-players thank the supporters who came to Florence to support the team

For the third time in 5 years Genoa lost 1-0 in Florence after a boring match. All these 3 matches Genoa deserved a draw at the end, but we did not succeed to score. Also yesterday the match was especially in the first half not very attractive. After the break Genoa was the best team in the field, but Palacio, Jorquera and Constant missed the 3 biggest chances to score. Next Sunday at lunchtime (12.30 hours) Inter arrives in Marassi with only 8 points, while Genoa has 12 points. Genoa Club Amsterdam will be there with 7 Dutch Genoani to watch the match and to bring the trophy to our Genoano of the year !

Genoa supporters decided to help the people of Monterosso after the flood on Wednesday 26th October in stead of watching the match in Florence

Genoa steals 3 points against Roma: 2-1

Bosko Jankovic scores the opening goal against Maarten Stekelenburg of A.S. Roma

Genoa did win the important match against A.S. Roma with 2-1 by a goal of Bosko Jankovic in the 37th minute and Juraj Kucka in the 89th minute. Best player of Genoa was goalkeeper Frey. Genoa is now 8th in the standings with 12 points in 8 matches.

Juraj Kucka celebrates his goal in the 89th minute against Roma: 2-1

Roma played as we did in the Gasperini-period: very offensively with at the end 4 strikers. The ball-possession of the Romans was 68%, but the defense of Genoa with their leader Sebastien Frey stopped everything. Eight minutes before the end of the first half Rodrigo Palacio ran with the ball towards the goal of Maarten Stekelenburg. Inside the penaltyarea our topscorer played the ball to Bosko Jankovic who shot it strongly in the far corner: 1-0. In the 2nd half Roma played even more offensive and after a mistake of both Merkel and Bovo the Romans scored 8 minutes before the end the equalizer. Still a good result to Genoa, but our players wanted more. In the 89th minute Genoa got a corner which Veloso shot a little too hard, but Merkel headed it from the backline besides the goal against the legs of Juraj Kucka into the goal: 2-1, game over ! Next Sunday we play in Florence against Fiorentina, the former team of Rossi, Dainelli, Moretti and Frey, while their star-player Gilardino was close to a transfer to Genoa last summer.

[youtube pi2tNJzQqrk]

Tonight 20.45 Genoa-Roma in Luigi Ferraris

Everybody gets crazy after Paloschi scored 4-3

Tonight at 20.45 hours Genoa plays in Marassi against A.S. Roma, the team of the new Spanish coach Luis Enrique. Last year Genoa beat the Romans by 4-3 after 0-3 in the beginning of the 2nd half. Both Palacio and Paloschi scored twice in this unforgettable match. Tonight the game will start with 1 minute silence to respect the victims in Liguria of the heavy rainfall the last days which killed 5 people while 6 others are dismissed.

Fantastic Genoa draws in Torino: 2-2

Andrea Caracciolo scores the equalizer: 2-2

Strange enough after only 1 point in the last 3 matches and a visit in the new Juventus Stadium against nr. 1 in the standings every Genoano had faith in a good result before the match. Mr. Malesani started with Mesto, Moretti and Merkel in the line-up against the hometeam that started furious and leaded with 1-0 after only 5 minutes. This was the time to Genoa to fight themselves back in the match which succeeded and brought us the equalizer of Marco Rossi who played his 200th Serie A match this night. The first half ended with 1-1 on the scoreboard.

Marco Rossi celebrates his 200th match in Serie A with the first goal against Juve

The 2nd half started like the first episode with a powerfull Juventus. Again Matri opened the score, but from that moment Genoa was the best team in the field. Many changes were missed, Merkel headed the ball on the crossbar, but in the 85th minute the reward came with the first goal of the season of Andrea Caracciolo: 2-2. The rest of the match lasted 11 long minutes to Juventus that was very happy when referee Romeo ended the match and the draw was official. Wednesday we play in Luigi Ferraris against Roma and we have to show that the match in Torino was more than an incident.

Andrea Caracciolo and Juraj Kucka are happy with the equalizer in Juventus-stadium

[youtube F6HRv11RgyE]

Genoa in new stadium against nr.1 Juventus

Giandomenico Mesto

The last years Juventus played their homematches in the Olympic stadium of A.C. Torino. Now the new stadium on the ground of Delle Alpi is ready and at the same moment Juventus is back on the top. Tonight Genoa plays for the first time in the new stadium and we have to miss Kaladze who is banned for 4 matches after his words against referee Gava. Happily Giandomenico Mesto is back after his injury, so he can return in our defense. Besides Kaladze we also still have to miss striker Zé Eduardo.

The new stadium of Juventus

Genoa can’t score against Lecce: 0-0

Cristobal Jorquera

Cristobal Jorquera was the most close to a goal with a ball on the post in the 64th minute, but unless 11 corners Genoa couldn’t score against Lecce and stays on the right side of the standings. In the 80th minute referee Gava send Kaladze away with 2 yellow cards in 10 seconds. After the first yellow card Kaladze said “with Milan you would never give me this card” which did Gava decide to give immediately the second yellow card to our defender who now has to miss the match against Juventus.

Genoa needs 3 points to stay in top 10

Valter Birsa probably will be for the first time in the line-up against Lecce

After the defeats against Chievo and Parma we need 3 points against Lecce to return at the left side of the standings. Probably Mr. Malesani will start for the first time with Birsa and Merkel in the line-up to have more offensive power in midfield. Our coach selected the following 21 players: 23 Antonelli, 10 Birsa, 21 Bovo, 99 Caracciolo, 27 Constant, 1 Frey, 3 Dainelli, 5 Granqvist, 11 Jankovic, 19 Jorquera, 13 Kaladze, 33 Kucka, 22 Lupatelli, 52 Merkel, 24 Moretti, 8 Palacio, 2 Pratto, 39 Ribas, 7 Rossi, 14 Seymour, 4 Veloso. Genoa misses the injured Mesto and Zé Eduardo, while 3rd goalkeeper Scarpi and youngster Sturaro are not selected for tomorrow.

Bad match of Genoa in Parma: 3-1 defeat

Luca Antonelli has problems to stop Biabiany

After the unnecessary defeat in Verona last Sunday, now Genoa played a very bad match in Parma. The only 3 players who played a regular match were Oscar Frey, Rodrigo Palacio and Bosko Jankovic. Especially our midfieldplayers Constant and Kucka and defender Bovo looked tired and played very unlucky. After 2-0 down at halftime, the match was completely over when Parma scored 3-0 at the beginning of the second half. In the last minute Rodrigo Palacio scored the Genoa-goal by penalty. With his fifth goal of the season Palacio has scored the most goals in Serie A so far this season.

Rodrigo Palacio scored his fifth goal of the season in Parma

Marco Rossi is back in team against Parma

Marco Rossi celebrates his goal against Catania in front of the little flag of Genoa Club Amsterdam

Every club needs to have a symbol: with our Genoa it is captain Marco Rossi who plays his 9th season with Genoa: his fifth in Serie A, 3 in Serie B and 1 in Serie C-1. The last weeks our most popular Genoano was injured, but in Parma he is back and ready to support our defense who misses Dainelli (banned after his red card last week) and Mesto (injured). Also Zé Eduardo is still injured, but mr. Malesani took all the 22 other healthy players to the famous cheese-city.