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Genoa beats also Udinese: 1-0 by Juraj Kucka

Again a victory to Mr. Ballardini and his team. We can now surely say with 8 points in 4 matches (2 victories at home and 2 draws away) that with Ballardini the crisis is over. Against Udinese Genoa played a very good first half with a goal of number 33 Kucka in the 33rd minute. After the break both teams were equal till the injurytime in which Udinese got 2 big chances that were both missed by Alexander Merkel and Muriel. Genoa now has 25 points in 25 matches and is 4 points ahead of the relegationzone. Saturdayevening at 20.45 hours we play in Palermo.

Genoa draws in Parma; “Balla” still unbeaten

Third match with Ballardini and again a good result! Finally we can say that the crisis is over with 5 points in 3 matches: 2 draws (in Torino and Parma) and 1 victory (Lazio in Marassi). The draw in Parma was a honest result unless the fact that Bertolacci hit the post twice in the 2nd half. Also Parma was a few times close to a goal, so a draw was the best result. Genoa still is 1 point above the relegationzone, but we had 3 difficult matches and the other teams at the bottom of the table played against each other the last weeks. Next Sunday Udinese arrives in Luigi Ferraris.

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Reborn Genoa beats Lazio + Tagliavento: 3-2

After the unexpected draw in the Juventus Stadium against number 1 Juventus now we had to play against nr. 3 of the standings Lazio. In the first half of the season we beat the Romans by 0-1 with a goal of Borriello, but that was before our crisis of the last months. Today we had to miss our left side of the team: Antonelli (banned) and Vargas (injured). The defense was formed by Granqvist, Portanova and Manfreni while striker Ciro Immobile was on the bench and Marco Borriello was supported by Andrea Bertolacci. In the 16th minute genoa opened the score by Marco Borriello’s 7th goal: a missle in front of Gradinata Nord.

Only 6 minutes later Genoa scored again and this time it was the player just behind Borriello: Andrea Bertolacci with a fantastic shot outside the penalty area: 2-0

With a 2-0 advantage the first half ended. In the second half lazio showed why they are third in the standings and in the 58th minute ex-Genoano Sergio Floccari scored 2-1. It seemed that the match would end with this score till referee Tagliavento gave Lazio a very dubious penalty in the 82nd minute. Mauri scored from the penaltyspot and it looked like the deserved visctory after a fantastic first half was stolen. But in the 95th and last minute of injurytime our new player Marco Rigoni first headed a ball that was just stopped by Marchetti, but 20 seconds later het again headed and this time scored the deciding and deserved goal.  Genoa is now 17th in the standings, 1 point above the relegation-zone. Next week we play in Parma.

Transferperiod is over: 9 new players; 7 gone

The transferperiod is over and the revolution that was “promised” by president Preziosi surely has been made. The first 20 days of the transferperiod Genoa bought players that were wanted by Delneri and the last week after the coachsubstitution the choices were made by mr. Ballardini. A very strange and expensive situation. After all we can say that our team now is stronger and more complete than in the first half of the season.

The 9 new players:

4 Defenders:

Thomas Manfredini (Atalanta), Daniele Portanova (Bologna), Mattia Cassani (Fiorentina) and Eros Pisano (Palermo)

4 Midfielders:

Francelino Matuzalem (Lazio), Rubén Olivera (Fiorentina), Enis Nadarevic (Varese) and Marco Rigoni (Chievo)

1 Striker:

Antonio Floro Flores (Udinese)

The following 7 players left us: 2 defenders: Michele Canini (Atalanta) and Mario Sampirisi Chievo); 3 midfieldplayers: Anselmo De Morales (Palermo), Alexander Merkel (Udinese) and Felipe Seymour (Chievo) and 2 strikers: Leonardo Melazzi (Danubio) and Gianmario Piscitella (Modena).