Can Papa Francesco help us to score ?


The grandmother of the new pope: Jorge Mario Bergoglio who named himself Francesco lived near Genova, which makes him of course a Genoa-supporter. The simbol of our recent history: Marco Rossi went to Rome to handover our shirt and a personal clubcard with the name and a foto of the new pope. Maybe this can help us and Liverani to leave the position in the middle of the right side of the standings.

Poor Genoa: no goals vs Livorno + Udinese


It is always hard after a victory in the derby to win the next match because the whole city (to be honest 65%) gives you the idea that you are a worldstar who will stay a hero for the rest of his life. But 6 days after the derby Livorno arrived in Marassi. The team of our old President Spinelli returned this season in Serie A and started the season with 6 points in the first 3 matches. In the first half an hour Genoa played without any ideas and with to less aggression to be dangerous. The first big chance was missed by Gamberini while the most close to score a goal was Manfredini who headed a free-kick of Stoian (our best player this Saturdaynight) on the crossbar. The match stayed goalless: 0-0.

Soccer: Serie A; Udinese-Genoa

At Tuesdaynight Genoa played in Stadio Friuli in Udine. After the 7 goals behind our young goalkeeper Perin (20 years) in the first 2 matches Genoa had 2 clean sheets in the derby and against Livorno. Another clean sheet would be perfectly and should bring us in the middle of the standings. Udinese was of course the best team in the field, but hardly got any chances by our good defense, till Calaio headed the ball in our own goal in the 79th minute: 1-0. With substitute Adrian Stoian in the team Genoa tried to score the equalizer, but we didn’t succeed: 1-0 defeat.

Genoa plays with Samp and wins derby: 0-3

Sampdoria-Genoa 0-3

Everybody knows that a derby is a special match and it is very hard to say before the match what the result will be. Genoa after 2 defeats of course was very motivated, but Sampdoria had only 1 point so also they had to win for the standings but also for the honour in the city. Within 9 minutes Luca Antonini opened the score when he kicked an assist of Biondini directly behind goalkeeper Da Costa: 0-1. During the rest of the first half Genoa was the strongest team in the field and Mattia Perin was almost unemployed. After 5 minutes in the second half Genoa scored again.  Gilardino passed the ball towards Vrsaljko with ran towards the goalline and gave an perfect assist to Calaio who scored easily: 0-2, Gradinata Nord was on fire! In the 66th minute Lodi copied Branco (1991) and Francioso (2001) with a perfect free-kick high in the leftcorner of the goal in front of Gradinata Nord: 0-3.

Lodi shoots

Lodi scores

Lodi is forever in the history-books

The 3rd goal was celebrated with coach Liverani who ran towards Gradinata Nord to celebrate the goal with his players. Liverani seemed to be coach of Genoa for a long time.

Genoa starts 2013/2014 with 2 defeats

Inter Milan's Nagatomo heads the ball to score against Genoa during their Italian Serie A soccer match at the San Siro stadium in Milan

Genoa started the season with 2 defeats. Our Rossoblu-boys played a good match in San Siro and till the 75th minute the biggest chance of the match was missed by Juraj Kucka. In the last part of the match Nagatomo and Palacio scored the Inter-goals which meant that Liverani lost his first match as professional coach.

The first team that visited Marassi this season was Fiorentina. Always an emotional match with often an unhappy end. This time the match was already over at halftime: 0-3. In the 54th minute Gilardino scored after a perfect assist and the hope returned for 1 minute in the Genoa-hearts because within 60 seconds Giuseppe Rossi scored 1-4 behind Mattia Perin. Five minutes later Lodi scored his first Genoa-goal with a penalty: 2-4, but Genoa was not strong enough score 3-4 or even better 4-4. In the 93rd minute Gomez scored 2-5 with a penalty and acted very frustated in front of Gradinata Nord, nobody didn’t understand why if you score 2 goals and win an away-match by 2-5. One week later Gomez was heavily injured ….

Soccer: serie A, Genoa-Fiorentina

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